RD Specialties began manufacturing quality coating rods for use on carbon paper and applying hot melt wax coatings.
Today our metering rods are used to make window film, tape, release paper, photovoltaic films, wall coverings, specialty papers and many others.
RDS lab rods continue to be used in the development of new products every day and we’re excited to introduce a new way to buy our standard lab rods.
Check out the lab rod products available online under the Lab Rods drop-down menu above.
We offer wire wound, formed (grooved), double wound, and gapped rods up to twelve feet long. We carry 15 different diameters of stainless steel bars in multiple grades and over 4000 lbs. of stainless steel wire in over 70 sizes.
Our lead times are typically 1 to 2 weeks for most orders and we offer stocking programs for even quicker delivery. For more information about our custom production coating rods or to request a quote check out the Production Rods drop-down menu above.
Mayer rod coating is simple, accurate, uniform and cheap, making it the 3rd most popular coating method. Quick coat weight changes and a wide range of film thicknesses make it flexible enough to work with nearly any coating and substrate.
At RD Specialties we have experience retrofitting coaters with metering rod coating stations and we can offer a simple solution for most applications.

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